Time & attendees and accesses control . . .
The protection of people, knowled-ge, goods is a task no responsible person these days can evade. Elec-tronic systems for access monito-ring and control represent the basis for extensive safety precauti-ons in any company.
The electronic access monitoring systems from GANTNER ACCESS TECH-NOLOGY can control access authorisati-on according to different approaches who-which persons where - which doors/areas when - at what times of day The non-contact chip, integrated in a card, a key-ring, a watch etc. - also in combination with a personal PIN code -opens doors which require authorisati-on. In addition, special programming can be carried out quickly and easily to regulate weekend access, access during factory closure, as well as access for provisional staff and visitors.
Electronic personnel time logging systems . . .
Holidays, overtime, flexi-time. Who has how much of what left? Questions which take up the Per-sonnel Department's time unneces-sarily. With an electronic time and personnel data recording system you can reduce complicated orga-nisation and ensure transparency.
The personnel time logging systems from GANTNER ACCESS TECHNOLO-GY make the calculation of working hours easier and produce contented employees. They know that every mi-nute counts. Employees can check their flexi-time and holiday status for themselves at the terminal easily and quickly. With the same non-contact chip used as an electronic key. The functionalities of the time logging terminals from GANTNER ACCESS TECHNOLOGY are easy to adapt to
From identification to payment . . .
The times when bunches of keys, ID cards and small change filled pockets and caused confusion have long gone. All entry and aut-horisation functions can be fulfil-led with one single chip. Even where something has to be paid for.
The non-contact LEGIC chip used in the GANTNER ACCESS TECHNOLOGY systems is not only one of the safest and most reliable available. It can also be used for a wide range of functions and its ..packaging" knows almost no bounds. Whether as a key-ring, in a wrist-band, watch or card - it replaces a whole pocket full of keys, ID cards and change.
One Chip, lots of functions